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Zrób pyszną filizankę herbaty(bez osadu na górze )!

08/11/2012 Poprzez Oliver Czy kiedykolwiek widziałeś osad i nieapetyczny kożuch na Twojej Herbacie , A co z Twoim żołądkiem? Jeśli masz ten problem to Jesteś jednym z tysięcy ludzi w całej Polsce, którzy żyją w rejonach twardej wody. Dowiedz się jak zrobić pyszną herbatę- bez osadu !

Where Does the Limescale in My Kettle Come From?

02/11/2012 Poprzez Oliver Depending on which part of Ireland you live in, you may notice that the bottom of your hot water kettle has sediments or “white bits” stuck to its heating element. Here are two simple ways to remove limescale from your hot water kettle. Read on to know more.

Filtered, unfiltered, bitter, pure - What's on tap in your home?

31/10/2012 Poprzez Oliver

WHAT helps you lose weight, improves brain function, eases digestion, prevents sprains by lubricating joints, keeps you youthful and boosts energy during exercise? Water, that's what. Plain old tap juice – and it's free. But problems such as the outbreak of the parasite cryptosporidium in Galway, which left residents without tap water for weeks, mean a growing number of people are concerned about the quality of what comes out of our taps.

One solution is to install a water filter at home. We tried out the reverse osmosis system supplied by European Water Technologies (EWT), an Irish company with 60,000 customers providing water treatment for leading organisations including the HSE and Dunnes Stores. Reverse osmosis might sound like something from an episode of ‘Doctor Who’, but this advanced purification method was originally developed by the US navy to produce good quality drinking water from the sea for its submarine crews.

“Our filters provide better tasting and better smelling drinking water by removing chlorine and over 50 other contaminants that may be in tap water,” says EWT representative Oliver Ginty. The Environmental Protection Agency says the water in Ireland meets European Union standards, and regular testing is done to make sure our supplies are safe. What the experts do agree on is that we all need to drink plenty of water – at least two litres a day can provide you with numerous health benefits, including more energy, clearer skin and better digestion.

Why is Maryellen so Happy? She's got an EWT Water Softener Now!

25/10/2012 Poprzez Oliver James Brennan and his wife Maryellen have been living in Kilnacourt Wood, Portarlington, Co. Laois for the last 6 years. James, originally from Donegal and a retired Army man, could not believe the damage limescale build-up was causing to his kitchen appliances when he first arrived in Portarlington 6 years ago.

Get Softer Skin, a Cleaner Home, Save €60 Monthly & No Limescale!

08/10/2012 Poprzez Oliver Eimer and Eddie Farrell, from Parkers Hill, Walsh Island in Offaly were having serious problems with limescale build-up in their home for years. “I suppose the shower unit clogging up was one of the biggest problems we had with limescale,” says Eimer. “It didn’t matter how often you cleaned it, the limescale would come back again within a week. Even the kettle was covered in limescale.”

Irish Family Saves €1000 with EWT Water Softeners – Sunday World

04/10/2012 Poprzez Oliver Before installing a Water Softener, limescale deposits were posing a BIG problem to this Irish family in Termonfeckin. “It’s not just the health of me and my family I’m worried about! I couldn’t get over the amount of limescale in our water when we first moved to Termonfeckin”, says Deirdre.

Another EWT Water Softener Customer Saves €600 Each Year

28/09/2012 Poprzez Oliver Free time isn’t something a working mother gets very often.I couldn’t get over the amount of limescale in our water when we first moved to Ratoath. “I couldn’t get over the amount of limescale in our water when we first moved to Ratoath. The water causes limescale problems everywhere."

Ashbourne Family Win EWT All Ireland tickets Customer Draw

07/09/2012 Poprzez Oliver Siobhan and John Kelly from Huntsgrove in Ashbourne were the proud winners of two All Ireland tickets in local water treatment company EW Technologies customer draw.

Drinking Water Problems in Clontarf and Coolock

16/08/2012 Poprzez Oliver Now into the second week of Water contamination issues in Clontarf, an area of Coolock is also identified as having water contamination problems.

Get Hard Water Softened with EWT Water Softeners

19/04/2012 Poprzez Oliver Did you know that Irish households in hard water areas can use up to 50 percent less detergent for laundry and dishwashing by installing a water softener?