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Sytem Zmiękczaczy Wody EWT - Teraz w TV

EWT Prezentuje nasze najnowsze  video przedstawiające zmiękczacze wody, jako korzyści jak i  długoterminowe efekty związane z posiadaniem twardej wody. Oglądaj jak zmiękczacze wody mogą zaoszczędzić pieniądze. W tej prezentacji, Oliver Ginty, Dyrektor, EW Technologies Pvt. Ltd. mówi o korzyściach posiadania zmiękczaczy wody w domach.

Kathy Now this morning we have an incredible feature, because it's an incredibly scary feature. I didn’t realise how big this problem was nationally but we have the solution and we have the company EW Technologies and Oliver Ginty. Oliver I am actually in shock when I am actually looking at the problem here that is all water generated. Oliver. Absolutely Kathy, almost 70% of Ireland has problems with limescale in their water and one of the biggest issues that people would have, one of the most basic ones as you can see is kettles. For example, if your kettle looks like this or anything near it then you are in a hard water area. And you can see there these poor people actually put a mesh in the bottom of their kettle in the hope that it would stop the limescale from sticking but over time, your talking 3 months, that’s all that kettle is going to last in the house hold. K. 3 months O. 3 Month absolutely K. And it looks like this O. Yes looks like that; imagine trying to get a nice cup of tea out of that kettle. K. Oh No. O. Here’s another one from an extremely limewater area again, the element is destroyed with limescale as well. We have an iron over here which you can see on the , K. Ohh, O. ..on the pour itself, its covered in limescale. That’s going to spit and destroy clothes, no matter what quality of clothes you have, same with the kettles as well. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on an iron or kettle, if you live in a hard water area then you need to remove the limescale before you purchase any new units, that’s why we are here today. K. And we should note that all with all these wonderful brands, its nothing to do with the brand. O. Absolutely not. K. It has everything to do with the water. O. With the water exactly, it’s the water that destroys them. K. Now we’re moving on to a very well respected shower here and the poor shower has been destroyed. O. Well this shower is approximately 2 years old and was taken out of one of our customers households, prior to getting the water softener installed and you can see here this is the element of the shower. Now its absolutely impossible for this shower to work properly when you look at this element. K. OHHHH O. Its destroyed in limescale, people having been washing in that water, they’ve been scrubbing in it, washing their hair. You’d see that limescale on your shower door, around your taps, your toilets, its absolutely disgusting, almost impossible to clean off and people are spending fortunes on cleaning products and time especially just trying to get rid of that. K. Oliver its disgusting, absolutely disgusting, its just destroyed. O. Now you can see it here with the shower head, the shower head would have been pin pricked here to stop it clogging up, some people actually put it into a cup of vinegar, and that helps a little bit to alleviate this problem. We have a prime example here of some of the limescale build up that has been taken out of this hot water tank here. Now this hot water tank was in a home for approximately 7 years. You can see the amount of build up on that there. With a water softener installed in your home you will save up to 24 to 30% off your hot water costs. K. WOW O. Now that will represent savings of approximately €300 to €400 euro for the average household in Ireland. And that’s just on one item that we have here. K. Just one item. O. You will also having savings because you don’t have to replace this system, you don’t have to replace your washing machine either. K. Sure O. We have a prime example here of a washing machine with the drum destroyed in limescale, again this machine has been thrown out and almost impossible to fix. That’s another €300 or €400 down the swanny. K. Absolutely O. So looking at all the products we have here today Kathy, your talking approximately up to €1000 savings on appliance replacements alone. K. No to mention the disruption of trying to get a new washing machine in, and bringing out a plumber to get the old one out and him having to come back to fit the new one in. O. That’s it exactly. So you have here cleaning products, which are the bane of many peoples lives, cleaning the shower door, cleaning tiles, toilets. K. And all the different bottles you need. O. And all the different bottles, we see them here. Spending €20 to €30 a week on these limescale removal products, the bottom line here is there is only one way to remove limescale and remove it permanently and that’s with an EWT Water softener. We’re guaranteeing here today to remove 100% of limescale from your water or your money back within 30 days. K. And what are you offering. O. Well today Kathy, the offer we have on is one of our best offers to date. We are 10 years in business today and to celebrate that we are going to be offer customers a half price water softener. Its down from €1298 to €649 and that includes a free drinking water system called an S2000 unit, Free installation worth €70. The drinking water system alone is worth €190 but the biggest thing here is we are guaranteeing our customers that we will remove 100% of limescale from their home. K. That is significant. It really is a genuinely spectacular offer and bare in mind that this is not a luxury item, this is an necessity for anybody all around the country that’s suffering from a hard water problem and it really is a significant problem. But this is the company EW Technologies. This is the man Oliver Ginty. Do your household a favour, pick up the phone and order now.